Thomas Biggs

Louise Kemble
October 26, 2016

“Previous to being accepted on the course I had sent off all sorts of applications to try and find work within the industry. I’ve had an avid interest in racing and breeding for years but as I had little practical experience with horses nobody was prepared to take a chance on me. I’m sure most people in racing will appreciate it helps if you know a few of the right people and unfortunately for me I knew very few of them.

During the induction Brian said ‘the more you put into the course the more you’re going to get out of it’, and this is something that I have tried to practice over the five months. It’s always a good feeling when you get rewarded for something that you put a lot of effort into, but I honestly wasn’t expecting to receive the award. It’s been a great few months and an extremely worthwhile experience. Having been sure I wanted to pursue a career in the industry before the course I am now even more determined to stick around.