The Trust is a Charitable Company limited by guarantee (charity registration number 1111771)

The Wavertree Education Trust

... to raise further funds in support of their charitable objectives...

The Trust is a Charitable Company limited by guarantee (charity registration number 1111771). The Trust operates under Memorandum and Articles of Association approved on 14th October 2008. The nature of the Charity is grant-making; The Trustees meet formerly at least twice a year. The Charity has no directly employed staff.

Key People

The Charity has no directly employed staff.

Charitable Objectives

The primary objects of the charity, as stated in its governing document, are:

(i) to advance the education and training of persons especially the young to prepare them for trades and occupations in the equine industry and, in particular the breeding of horses, and thereby advance them in life;

(ii) to advance education through the provision of public access to the educational facilities offered by NSL (or such other organisation providing similar education facilities) including but not limited to a Visitors Education Centre where the public can learn about horse husbandry and, in particular, the breeding of horses and to promote through education, humanity and morality among the public in the care and consideration of horses;

(iii) to promote and encourage research into the breeding, use and management of thoroughbred and non-thoroughbred horses and facilitate the acquisition and distribution of such knowledge; and

(iv) such other charitable objectives beneficial to the community consistent with and complimentary to the objects above as the Trustees shall in their absolute discretion determine.

Current & Recent Focus

The Trust was initially endowed (as a consequence of the sale of the National Stud from the public to the private sector and through the medium of a very generous anonymous donation) with funds which are earmarked for use on the education and training activity at NSL. Annual revenue grants have therefore been approved by the Trustees to support the Education and Training programmes run by NSL, which would otherwise operate at a deficit and prospectively not at all. Programmes (in terms of their outputs, their fitness for purpose and their value for money) are monitored in part by a Training and Review Group which is representative of the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry, and which looks in particular at Industry need, relevance of courses, and placement of students at the completion of the courses. The Trustees are seeking financial funding in sustaining revenue support through the medium of bursaries for individual students.

Additionally, the Trustees have made available capital monies for new Lecture Theatre facilities at the National Stud (the Joan Westbrook Lecture Theatre), secured principally through the application of the generous donation referred to earlier, and further supported by the generosity of the Niarchos Foundation. The trustees have also supported the refurbishment/renewal of the accommodation block at the Stud, with additional donations from the Childwick Trustees and the original anonymous donor.

Finally, the Trustees are seeking to raise further funds in support of their charitable objectives and in this regard are the beneficiaries of substantial contributions from the Moller Trust, for which the Trustees are very grateful.

  • The opportunity to expand equine knowledge, for those wishing to explore the enchanting world of thoroughbred breeding and racing, can do so by embracing spectacular opportunities offered through the extensive courses and specialised lecture formats available through The National Stud training programmes. An opportunity not to be missed which is fully supported by Cheveley Park Stud.
    Chris Richardson
    Managing Director. Cheveley Park Stud
  • The National Stud Apprenticeship course is a wonderful opportunity for young people entering the racing industry. It gives them the confidence to handle horses at a basic level; furthermore it gives the employer the knowledge that any graduate has been trained to that level. We have two fantastic recruits this year and the most impressive member of staff who joined me from the course twelve years ago. If the course didn't exist you would need to invent it.
    The Hon. Peter Stanley
    New England Stud
  • A very good course for beginners and more experienced starters to the industry. One of the best practical courses I have attended. The course was extremely insightful and enjoyable, if I could do it again I would!
    2012 Pre- Apprenticeship Student
  • I was lucky enough to be asked last year to come and address the students at the National Stud, which took me back to my own days as a student there and to what an outstanding grounding it was. Although it was many years ago now, and the opportunities were more limited than they are now, the students got a tremendous understanding of the day to day running of a stud and all the inherent problems, together with a great knowledge of the breeding industry as a whole; I know that the course has changed dramatically for the better since then, and I can think of no finer start to a career in the bloodstock industry than doing the Diploma Course at the National Stud’
    Angus Gold, Racing Manager
    Shadwell Estate Company
  • The TBA was delighted to support the National Stud’s pre-Apprenticeship course in 2015.  The course acts as an important source of new recruits for studs by offering young people a route into the Thoroughbred breeding industry, and training them to have the skills required for a successful and rewarding career.  We also welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the National Stud on three professional development courses which gave our members the chance update their knowledge on topics ranging from stallion selection to management of the mare and new born foal , enabling them to keep pace with current standards in the breeding industry
    Louise Kemble
    TBA Chief Executive
  • "Previous to being accepted on the course I had sent off all sorts of applications to try and find work within the industry. I've had an avid interest in racing and breeding for years but as I had little practical experience with horses nobody was prepared to take a chance on me. I'm sure most people in racing will appreciate it helps if you know a few of the right people and unfortunately for me I knew very few of them. During the induction Brian said 'the more you put into the course the more you're going to get out of it', and this is something that I have tried to practice over the five months. It's always a good feeling when you get rewarded for something that you put a lot of effort into, but I honestly wasn't expecting to receive the award. It's been a great few months and an extremely worthwhile experience. Having been sure I wanted to pursue a career in the industry before the course I am now even more determined to stick around.
    Thomas Biggs
    Tim Dunlop Memorial Award Winner 2011

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